Price is what you pay - Value is what you get. When you select a carpet cleaner, you’ll choose from a wide variety of cleaning methods and prices.

Shaw Industries, the world’s largest carpet manufacturer, recommends Professional hot water extraction and here’s why: A Van Mounted system unit cleans much better than a portable machine for three reasons:

1. It heats the water to a higher temperature. For every 10 0C increase in temperature above 500C, you double the waters cleaning ability. So if the water temperature is 600C, it will clean twice as well as water that is 500C, and so on.

2. It shoots the cleaning solution into your carpet at higher pressure, which breaks up dirt, bacteria, pollens and chemicals. 20 to 34 Bar (300 to 500 pounds per square inch) is the optimum pressure for hot water extraction – Hire machines only run at 2 –3 Bar (30-40 psi).

3. The machine uses stronger suction to draw the dirt, chemicals, pollens etc. out of the carpet.

Not surprisingly, having your carpet thoroughly cleaned with hot water extraction costs more than renting a shampooer at the local DIY store or dry cleaners.

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